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This page will grow as the fandom grows. Right now, it's just me and a few kids on Scratch (yes, the site designed to teach programming), but I genuinely, unironically see the next Bluey or MLP:FiM here. Contact me on Tumblr, or post in the subreddit, if you want to add your fanpage, blog, facebook group, amino, mastodon server, webring, wikia, miraheze, etc. to this list.

Yeah, I know there's probably Rule34 out there. I won't link it here, as most of the characters are canonically preschoolers. Do NOT ask me to add links to R34 - I'm pretty sure that counts as toddlercon, which is pretty universally ILLEGAL.

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tok: la lipu Itene e sike Itene e pipi Lu pi lawa jan Lokasisan.
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