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This page will grow as the fandom grows. Right now, it's just me and a few kids on Scratch (yes, the site designed to teach programming), but I genuinely, unironically see the next Bluey or MLP:FiM here. Contact me on Tumblr if you want to add your fanpage, blog, facebook group, amino, mastodon server, webring, wikia, miraheze, etc. to this list.

Yeah, I know there's probably Rule34 out there. I won't link it here, as most of the characters are canonically preschoolers. Do NOT ask me to add links to R34 - I'm pretty sure that counts as toddlercon, which is pretty universally ILLEGAL.

This is a fansite. It is not affiliated with 9 Story Media Group, Brown Bag Films, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Nicky Phelan, Screen Ireland, TVNZ, DNS Luxembourg, RESTENA, or any of the other sites linked here. Don't sue me.

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